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1600 NE 25th Ave. Suite G
Hillsboro, Oregon 97124

503-985-TEAM (8326)

All airsoft guns require barrel socks, which can be purchased for $5.00

All airsoft players must have fully closed shoes - no sandles or flip flops, crocs, etc.

All players must go through a safety class.


If you have everything you need to play the fees are

One hour arena pass $10
Three hour pass $15 weekdays $20 weekends
All day pass $25

One hour of play will give players the opportunity to participate in 5+ games on average.

If you don't have all of your own equipment
we offer several options that will get you out on the field. We offer masks and weapons individually or in complete packages.
All of our rental guns are high quality G&G airsoft M4 weapons. If all you need is a full face mask that meets our requirements, it can be rented for a full session for $5.
If you need everything
use our Try-Me Package which includes the arena pass, G&G M4 rental, mask rental and 1000 BBs:
1 Hour Try-Me: $25
Extra Hour $10 each
All Day Try-Me: $55
We also offer per mission price if you would like to just play 1 or 2 games.

Private parties are available 7 days a week and start at just $25 per person and include everything you need to play. Please call for more info and to book your party.


BBs .2g


$5 small bag
$15 large bag
M4 Airsoft Gun Rental - $20
Airsoft Full Face Mask Rental - $5


  • Everyone is to fill out and sign a prior to playing in our arena.

  • All personal airsoft guns must be checked in and tested by our chronograph. We have a limit of 350fps with .20 BBs.
  • Please keep guns in bag or original box until you enter the store.
  • We require full face protection. For safety reasons, all masks need to be verified prior to play. This can be done when you check in your personal gun. Masks must be worn in the arena at all times.
  • We only use the highest quality BBs in our arena, and require our brand be used. This is strictly enforced for safety reasons!! Please call if you have any questions 503-985-TEAM (8326).
  • All players are to respect each other while enjoying our arena. Physical contact is not part of the game, and is NOT allowed. Accidents can happen during game play. If you have any concerns about another player, immediately discuss it with an admin. Do not engage another player over a dispute. We want to ensure that everyone enjoys our arena, and do our best to create an environment WITHOUT intimidation!
  • CALL YOUR HITS!! This is critical to exciting game play. Believe it or not, calling your hits is way more fun than it sounds. It keeps things fair, and constantly changing. Not only is it a strictly enforced rule, but it's how we play the game!! If you feel a team has an advantage; please consult with the admin. Teams can be reconfigured to suite player skill levels.



We frequently rent our arena for private parties and functions. Airsoft is great for birthday parties, team building events, bachelor parties, or just getting a group of friends together. Here is some basic information about what we can offer. Check our CALENDAR for availability.

Questions? Please contact us for more information and for booking options.

503-985-TEAM (8326)



During open play we have various games in the arena to keep the action going. Most of the games played are similar to what you would see in a first person shooter video game. Below are some brief explanations of the games we offer. All of our games are coordinated by our admins, and game play changes frequently. Team sizes will vary based on the amount of people playing. If you're looking for specific scenario play, the arena is always available for private rental to accommodate your needs. We are family friendly, and like to keep game play clean. Call your hits, or we will for you!! And always, have fun!

Objective: Eliminate as many of the other team as possible within the game time limit.
Parameters: Go back to base after hit. Respawn count will change, and will be called out prior to engaging.
Success: Control the arena and survive the mayhem.
Suggested Strategy: Spread out and cover your teammates. Call out target locations and cover flanks.

Objective: Same as Elimination- This time; you have a medic to help you.
Parameters: Immediately sit down after hit. Call for your medic, and hope they can make it to you. You may not move or call out targets until after revived. After touched by medic; resume engagement. Once designated medic is hit, they are eliminated from the game. After a team losses their medic, they no longer can be revived, and are eliminated from game play.
Success: Be the last team standing
Suggested Strategy: Keep your medic secure and provide cover while medic revives teammates.

Objective: Get as many of your flags raised as possible.
Parameters: There are flags poles with flags representing each team. Keep the other teams flags at the bottom of the pole, and get your team color raised to the top. Each team has to stay on their half of the arena(indicated by painted lines). Violation will cause your entire team to reset from base.
Success: Have the most flags raised to the top when time is up.
Suggested Strategy: Work in groups; cover flag raisers with suppression; defend raised flags.


Objective: Get your team flags to designated location.
Parameters: Capture your flag(based on team color), and escort it to designated location. Rules flag capture and secure locations will change game to game, and will be determined by admin for each game round.
Success: Be the first team to secure your flags, or have the most flags secured at the end of the round.
Suggested Strategy: Designate roles and split into groups; cover flag runners and protect during secure.


Objective: Complete your designated mission before the other team completes theirs.
Parameters: Each team is given an objective. Neither team will know what the other is suppose to accomplish. Missions will be given to each team immediately prior to round start. Rules for each mission are inherent of that objective.
Success: Complete your mission first.
Suggested Strategy: Split in to two groups (one for mission completion, one for recon/sabotage/distraction); Engage other team to keep them distracted from figuring out your objective.


Objective: Enter the arena and eliminate all targets inside.
Parameters: Players will be split into two teams. One team positions themselves inside the arena in defensive positions. One positioned the other team enters the arena and eliminates planted targets. Defending team will not be able to respawn. Once hit, they are eliminated from the round. Attacking team will have multiple lives determined prior to starting the round. After hit, attackers will respawn at designated starting point.
Success: Be the last team standing
Suggested Strategy: Attacking - Keep in a tight group, covering each others blind sides. Work through the arena securing each location. Defending - Find good cover; quietly communicate attacker location and surround.